The Bank

Funk & Afrodisco Made In Italy

The Bank are a Funk and Afrodisco trio from Bologna Italy.

Domenico Loparco : Bass

Emanuele Zullo : Guitar

Francesco Brini : Drums

USA 2012

i can't  sleep, it's either the excitement of my first a 380 flight pr either this plane is full with less 2 years old kids. i love kids but do you really need to take them on a flight that goes across the ocean? i guess they need it, otherwise any decent parent wont like to hear his son crying for 14 hours straight, thanks god i have my in hear headphones….
This little trip went very well, a bunch of very well received show, an epic (most spoken word of the tour) dj set, few days of recording old school, everybody in a room, 1,2,3,4 play, new friends and connections.
it all started april the 10th, early morning alarm clock and a taxi ride to the airport, i've been smart enough to get a new passport, one that the police officer at the passport control wont dislike so much, my older one was a nightmare, a couple beers in Frankfurt, more beers in San Francisco, bang! Reno international airport, Jeff is waiting, time for a quick stop at guitar center, a bass and few drumsticks later it's In N out time, i don't eat meet or better i try to avoid it as much as i can but the tradition wants us to be feed at in N out burgers  on the way in and out.
Francisco is Jeff's son, 17th month old and a brilliant basketball player, and utterly cute, the first couple of days are spent between him, Will's rehearsal space (THANKS!) and snow balls fights, not really but it snows, it always snows when we come here, few days later it will stop, but the news are talking about the biggest snow storm in the winter.
The first gig is at Big Water Grill, Johnny is the owner and a friend, i've just been nominated chef, some friends joining us for dinner, gig gets wild, time for bad.
Gig number two is out door, at the Olympic village in squaw, i hate to wear a jacket and play but they don't sell gluehwein in California. The next day it's sunny and a two hours drive takes us to Folsom,  the weather is amazing, the street market looks great but i'm very disappointed since no one sells records, the set goes very well, the video down here says it all.
A couple of days off  are spent organizing the recording session at the end of the trip and it's time to hit the road again, an acoustic set at the Lone Eagle with a beautiful view of the sunset on the like it's a blessing start, San Francisco, Sacramento, Sparks and Squaw Valley for the earth day, not much sleep and to many late night search for crap drunk food, the highlight been Amoeba records in San Francisco, probably the most amazing record store on earth, a Snoop Dog look a like joining us on stage in Sacramento and introducing himself as a "Blues Man", truly amazing singer, and my sun burn after a great set in the sun at Squaw.
The next four  days are quiet, some minor walkings on the lake's shore, a lot of internet, spaghetti alla carbonara and studio time for the bank, my rhodes has a US stay permission so i have to abuse it when i'm here.
The Grid is a small bar in Kings beach (Ca), thanks to Zeb and the Bass Heavy crew i'm set to play the ending set at 0:45, one hour of deep house and Disco and it's time to close, California time, any Berliner will feel sick, pretty epic to me.
The Village pub is always the place to be, last year Dom. pulled out a 38 minutes bass solo, i don't remember much except a super long set, next day the alarm clock is at 9:00 Am, playing Squaw at 12:00, Quincy in the evening, fried food, over four hour set and  the tour is over.
Converting an house into a studio is always fun, it takes a day but the ending  result is pretty good, sixteen tracks later there is enough stuff for a new Jeff Jones album and a fat Ep.
The flight home sucks due to the terrible selection of movies, i want to thank Jeff and Eric Matlock for the the great time and the great gigs we played together, Jeff Jones + The Bank = Fun

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